Review of Large Portable Above Ground Swimming Pools

Summer is almost here and it looks like it is going to be a hot one. So I am here to give you a review of large portable above ground swimming pools. There is a wide selection of popular pools so here they are.

One of the most liked and popular is Intex Ultra Frame Pools. These are large and feel like a regular pool and not a portable outdoor pool. These pools are very easy to set up. It does not require a lot of work to install them. They all come with the DVD set up manual so you can watch to see exactly how it is done. Also, make sure you get the package pool, with the pump, deluxe cleaning kit, cover and liner. All pools need to be cleaned. What is good about Intex pools is that they have full customer service available to you Monday through Friday.

The second best pools is the Ellipse lap pool. These pools are oval shaped and also feel like regular pools. They come packaged together with all the supplies such as pump, cover and liner. Same as with the Intex Ultra Frame Pools, these come with installation DVD so they are easy to set up. These pools are large portable above ground swimming pools, but they need strong people to move them.

There are 2 more different models of the large portable above ground swimming pools. The easy set and Intex Frame. The easy set is rated 2-3 stars because some of those are very easy to push on the side, making the water leak. However, the Intex frame pools are the other good option because they are a lot more sturdy and very easy to put together.

Overall, any pool you decide to get, make sure you get the pump, cover and the liner for it. Make sure you measure the area very well. And since these are very large portable above ground swimming pools, make sure you have a help to be able to move them.

No matter which pool you want to get. The Intex Ultra Frame swimming pool, the ellipse above ground swimming pool, Easy Set swimming pool, or just a regular Intex Frame pool, online shopping had made them very affordable!

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